the feather pen

Thursday, October 20, 2016

We wish we had a picture of her actual necklace, but this is the listing she choose from.

Loss is a shared condition... Review- "This necklace was the perfect gift for my sister's 16th birthday.  Our mom recently passed from stage IV cancer in February. After finding the only note she ever wrote me in my 16th birthday card, we sent in the words, "I'm always with you, love Mom." The necklace was at our house within 5 days, and we couldn't be more pleased with the product!" We cried.  Having two teenage daughters, it's not a big leap to imagine what this gift must have meant to a 16 year old girl who had just lost her mother. Not a dry eye in the room, we're sure. It's very humbling to think that we shared in her experience, if even just a little bit. We imagine her wearing her necklace on days when she's facing challenges. Her fingers reaching up and clasping it and drawing strength from her mom's presence. Final exams, her first heartbreak, high school graduation, the long nights of college study when she's missing home. Her wedding day when there's nothing she needs more than her mom adjusting her veil and telling her how beautiful she is and how proud she is of her.  So, little girl, wherever you are, know that you have been mentioned in our prayers and are in our thoughts.

We wish we had a picture of her actual necklace but this is our listing that she choose from.