Baby Bear I just love this time of year. Today, the wind is blowing across our little piece of prairie and the sound of it in the few leaves that are still clinging to the tree branches is like rushing water. It rattles the metal roof mimicking distant thunder. And yet, the sun is shining through the shop windows.  It's just a good day. Isn't that a sweet necklace? A couple of weeks ago, we had a client order two of them and she had a sweet story to tell.  This past Mother's Day, her husband had gotten her the Mama Bear necklace Mama Bear . In October, they were officially adopting two little girls and she wanted to get them something that would be special- just for them.  I think these matching necklaces are perfect. We customized the chains so they would fit around their little necks and still grow with them. We love being part of someone's story. Can't you just see them all dressed up, their necklaces matching their Mama's, getting their picture taken next to the judge who just proclaimed them a forever family? We're sitting here with big goofy grins on our faces.